Downloads[edit | edit source]


Anime Tosho - DDL mirror of TokyoTosho, Nyaa and AniDex.

Soulreaperzone - High Quality Small Encodes [ Unnoticeable Quality drop]. Fastest Anime Releasing Group . No Registrations needed. Free Direct Downloads For All Anime Shows . Also Have more than 30 Filehosts including MEGA ,Mediafire,Solidfiles,Userscloud,Tusfiles,Zippyshare,etc. [Protip : Use IDM  to get resumable link and blazing fast download speeds.] . Videos playable on all devices including TVs/PC/tablets/iphones/ipads/android/windows phones etc... (so many ads)

Torrent[edit | edit source]

Nyaa Torrent - Large anime torrent site. Many groups upload to here and some groups are hosted by Nyaa. DEAD Has been mirrored into NyaaSi and NyaaPantsu.

AniDex - Anime torrent site. Home to many groups not found on Nyaa and also host groups on request.

Tokyo Toshokan - For when Nyaa is down or not being helpful.

Jishaku Toshokan - Ditto. DEAD

AnimeSuki - Yeah, same thing. (Outdated)

BakaBT - It only accepts completed batches of the "highest quality and consistency." Expect tremendous amounts of seeders on each torrent. Great for older shows and bad for licensed shows. It requires an account to use the search engine and other features you won't care about for the expense of seeding, but Google can just do as good as a searcher. Looks to have gone private for the foreseeable future.

  • BakaBT Registration: it is possible for new users to join BakaBT by interview in #bakabt-invites on Rizon irc channel.

AnimeBytes - A private tracker. Fill out quick questionnaires to get signed up and get lots of freeleech torrents. Invitation only for the foreseeable future.

Haruhichan - Torrents in a neat and organized fashion for recent/currently airing anime. DEAD

HongFire - DDLs, torrents, discussions, and other stuff that makes you all warm inside.

IRC[edit | edit source]

#news - A big list of IRC bots to download anime from. DEAD

KareRaisu - A big XDCC packlist.

Haruhichan - XDCC Search (powered by #intel) is available for releases. It will query the #intel database for anime CRC. DEAD

nibl - XDCC search engine with over 100 indexed bots.

Usenet[edit | edit source]

Fanzub - A Usenet Search Engine for Japanese Media. DEAD

[edit | edit source]

Seasonal Charts[edit | edit source]

Moetron - A news blog with some charts.

Neregate - A blog with some charts too. DEAD

Seasonal Charts Inc. - Another seasonal charts maker. DEAD

AniChart - An interactive anime chart.

LiveChart - Another interactive anime chart.

The Cart Driver - A blog that does detailed season previews. DEAD

Chartfag's Den of Lesbian Enterprise - DEAD

Calendars and Countdowns[edit | edit source]

AnimeSchedule - Air Times in your timezone for ongoing shows, both with and without simulcast subs.

AnimeCalendar - An airing calendar.

Countdown Anime - A countdown on airing times. DEAD

mahou Showtime! - Pretty much the same thing, except in a condensed table. DEAD

The Fansub Wiki - Find out who's subbing what. DEAD

FansubDB - Similar to The Fansub Wiki, but with information on licensed/simulcasted shows.

Anime Airing Calendar - An airing calendar. DEAD

Fansub Comparisons[edit | edit source]

Crymore - Fansub comparisons focused on technical errors, grammar, and spelling. It's also a blog. Formerly WHINERS.PRO.

Not Red Reviews - Fansub comparisons focused on editing, typesetting and translation. Also has translation notes for series Valeruko works on. It's a blog.

8thSin Fansubs - Fansub comparisons focused on linguistics, fluidity, and the Japanese language. This is a blog as well. Don't expect any new posts any time soon. DEAD - Fansub comparisons. It's basically a bunch of side-by-side shots of different releases.

Databases and Recommendations[edit | edit source]

Anime News Network - A sort of anime database and news site. Don't listen to their opinions, like most other mainstream anime sites.

AniDB - An anime database. There's a few irrelevant anime recommendations too.

Anime Characters Database - An anime character database. Go stalk your waifu or husbando.

MyAnimeList - A useful tool if you want to keep track of all the anime and manga you've watched and read. It also has recommendations, but you're better off not listening to them. Avoid the community at all costs.

Malgraph - An extension of your MyAnimeList profile, showing you various stats about your anime and manga.

Kitsu - Previously Hummingbird. Same as MyAnimeList, but with a nicer UI. In development.

AniList - An anime and manga database run by the AniChart team.

Anime-Planet - Anime and manga recommendations.

Anime DVD & BD Sales Summary Wiki - A Japanese site dedicated to sales numbers. Pretty easy to figure out even if you don't know any Japanese.

Anime DVD/BD Sales in Japan - A site dedicated to sales numbers. It Includes data about the average sales of a series and its gross in Yen.

The Recommendations Wiki - They have their own /a/ section which is full of recommendations.

Anime Recommendations - A list of anime to watch for different genres.

Online Characters Sorter - Sort characters by studio/season or shows by season.

Goboiano - Daily anime recommendations, and news on anime companies, music + more.

Teaparty Project - The Anime Community DEAD

Honeys Anime - Top 10 anime posts, news, interviews and recommendations daily.

Top-Anime - Anime recommendations DEAD

Anime Motivation - Daily/weekly anime recommendations, listicles and quotes from various shows.

Souvenir Flashdisk - Anime Merchandise Shop

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