Reverse Image Search EnginesEdit


Remember: /a/ is not /r/

IQDB - *booru board searcher. Use it for anime images. It's probably gonna be the first thing you should use for source. Also has a 3D option.

SauceNAO - Pixiv image searcher. It's your second option if IQDB doesn't work out well. It also has a few anime screenshots. Pretty good hentai searcher, if you have a screenshot or gif image.

Ascii2D - Japanese 2D image searcher (read comments if you can. It also give source). Use it when both IQDB and SauceNAO fail.

WAIT: What Anime Is This - Anime Scene Search. Use any screenshot to search which episode, which second it is taken from. Works best with most anime since 2000. Also has a few second video preview of the results.

TinEye - General image searcher. Shit sucks.

Google - Drag-and-drop, keyword-entering magic. Turn to this if the others fail.

Doujin/Hentai Portals like and support file search, as seen in the right picture. Some of the board archives also support searching for posts with the same image hash. And remember, looking at the filename, recognizing artist/studio styles, and knowing the current airing season will really help you not look stupid.

Image Search Options is pretty nifty for reverse image searching too.

Art GalleryEdit

Pixiv - Almost every good 'anime-styled' art you've ever found on the internet were from this site. The biggest art site in Japan. A lot of mangaka, illustrator, animator, doujinka, and hobbyist used this site.

bcy - Chinese equivalent of DeviantArt

Medibang - Japanese art gallery which often hosts manga competition with Shueisha or Kodansha.

Nico Nico Seiga - Not as big as Pixiv, but has a ton of good art as well.

Drawr - Filled with rakugaki.

Nijie - Build specifically for R18 art. Japanese language only.


Overbooru - Huge list of *boorus

Danbooru (anime artwork) - The "original" *booru. A lot of *boorus scrape from here.

Konachan (anime wallpapers) (high-res scans) - Used to be

Gelbooru (anime artwork)

Sankaku Channel (anime/manga/game images)

e-shuushuu (anime/manga/game images)

The Anime Gallery (anime images & wallpapers)

Zerochan (anime images & wallpapers)

Manga Drawing (anime/manga/game images)

Nekobooru (anime/manga/game images)


Wallhaven -壁纸。在那里也有很多动漫的人。这是更换的。 Edit

HDWallpaper 在那里也有很多动漫的人。这个网站有动画的最大的集合。

hdwallpapers 123hdwallpapers 动漫高清壁纸

4walled -壁纸板刮板。板/ W /动漫为。

动漫纸 -高品质的壁纸,向量,和其他动漫图片死亡

AnimeWP -动画墙纸,我猜。

Drawfag ArchivesEdit

2ndRarfag - Enjoy.